Is your loved ones inheritance at risk?

Crystal Clarity Consulting beleives that peace of mind and financial freedom come when you no longer have to worry about the “what ifs?” in life.


Because we believe that in having worked very hard for many years you have a right to protect the wealth you have generated. Everything we do is strategically focused on protecting that wealth and providing you with certainty and choices. For instance would you want a stranger to look after you affairs if you were unable to? If you suffer loss of capacity it is likely that the Court of Protection will make an order to freeze your assets including bank and savings accounts. The British Banking Association advises that even if you are the joint account holder and the other joint account holder becomes mentally incapable, you do not automatically have the right to access the account unless you have a Lasting Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney or an order from the Court of Protection.


There are occasions when a simple Will is not enough to protect your wishes and a loved ones inheritance:

  • If you remarry after becoming widowed
  • If a beneficiary were to become divorced
  • If a beneficiary suffered financial hardship
  • If you suffered a loss of capacity
  • If you want to avoid costs and delays for your beneficiaries
  • If you want to mitigate generational inheritance tax
  • If you want to be certain your wishes are respected and your assets remain with your heirs

A tailor made Legacy Plan to suit your needs will bring you:

  • Certainty in relation to:

    • Identifying those you wish to inherit
    • Naming Guardians for dependants
    • Special inheritance instructions
  • Prevent inheritance loss caused by:

    • Marriage or remarriage
    • Premature death of a beneficiary
    • Marriage or divorce of a beneficiary
    • Beneficiary suffering financial hardship
    • Guaranteed bloodline inheritance
    • Challenge from an excluded beneficiary
  • Prevent the adverse effects of inheritance

    • Prevent against the loss of state benefits
    • Opportunity to prevent generational I.H.T.
    • Meeting/mitigating Inheritance Tax liability
  • Beneficiaries access to inheritance

    • Instant access to inheritance
    • Reduced/eliminated probate costs
  • Trusted person to take over your affairs

    • Able to take over your financial affairs
    • Able to make decisions about your medical care
    • Take over immediately
    • Take over without the cost of deputyship


Peter is a barrister intermediary registered with the Legal Services Guild, an organisation founded by a pre-eminent Barrister’s Chambers with a national membership of Solicitors, Accountants and other professionals who are committed to the Guild’s code of conduct and exemplary levels of client care and protection.

Peter has successfully completed the legacy planning examinations and a programme of accreditation registered for continual professional development with the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales.

An initial meeting is at no cost or obligation on yourself and at the end of which you will be left with the ability to make your own informed decision.

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